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The creator's of magical children's books & music.

Unclebearskin Productions was founded by Vicki Wood and her family. From an early age, Vicki would create and tell stories to everyone around her and have them captivated in fear and or laughter. Her aspirations was to be a mother, and after having five children everything she taught them narrated through a story she created. Now that she has grandchildren, her passions lie within creating stories and writing books for them, and yes they are all magical. Vicki truly captures the readers emotions and attention and takes you into the story.

He collaboration with artists Cat Lee, Bridgitte May and Judy Mary Donaldson make these beautiful books come to life. The experience any person will have whilst reading the Unclebearskin Productions books, that they will remember for a lifetime. 

Vicki has also collaborated to release a whimsical Sippy nightie and bedding range with the divine Bonne Mere, which you can also shop online and in store. 

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items