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Solvej Swings are a NewZealand based manufacturer of premium quality baby and children swings. These swings are produced in premium quality materials and craftsmanship. They are not only stylish looking and can be used for indoor and outdoor use, but also are weather durable and safe.

Solvej Swings are a NewZealand based manufacturer of premium quality baby and children swings. After founders Jenny and Thomas had their first child, Soljej, they struggled to find a quality children's swing on the market. Thomas, a qualified cabinetmaker and craft teacher, produced a canvas swing for their little one, which led to a demand from fellow parents resulting in them manufacturing the swings.

A combination of high quality materials and craftsmanship, Solvej Swings is made from naturally weather durable timber, which is better for the environment. The seat is manufactured from an acrylic canvas which is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, is rotproof, and very easy to care for.

The rope used on the swings is a NZ made soft high performance polyester yachting braid. which does not rot  and polyester has excellent UV resistance and is strong. The non-toxic acrylic water bound paint and the lacquer we use comply with DIN EN 71 part 3 standard for toxicity and DIN 53160 for sweat and saliva resistance.


Check the ropes, hooks and eyes regularly for wear and tear.

The sun gradually breaks down the fiber in all ropes.

A safety surface under the swing is recommended.

Don't start to swing your baby until her/his neck is strong enough, approximately 6 months. Always support your baby well with cushions etc. until your baby grows into the swing. 
Please remember a young baby should always be swung gently. Always use the safety belt.

Swing Rules:

Keep a safe distance from someone swinging so they can't hit you.

Make sure every child that is in your home knows this rule. As you know how it is with children, you have to 
remind the children of the rule over and over again.

Young children generally don't have a conception of measurement in metres so it is best to show them the distances or better still mark it.


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