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Snurk produce a wonderful range of highly detailed, life-like printed doona covers. Beautifully designed in Holland and lovingly produced in Portugal Snurk designs are unique, friendly, playful and eye-catching.

Snurk started with a silly idea about a cardboard box duvet cover; Le-Clochard. They worked out a plan to donate a large part of the proceeds to The Dutch Foundation for Homeless Youngsters (SZN). Because a duvet cover like Le-Clochard only sleeps well if it actually helps a homeless person. The Homeless Foundation responded with enthusiasm to their plans and so Erik and Peggy decided to take the plunge.

Le-Clochard was a success. Magazines, newspapers and blogs wrote about it. And not just in the Netherlands. Other foundations from the United Kingdom and Germany joined the project and shared in profit and media attention.

And new ideas kept on coming. Just like emails from people all over the world wanting more unusual bedding like this. A year and a half later SNURK bedding was introduced. (SNURK means "to snore" in Dutch.)

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